Red Angus Calf

Red Angus Ranch Reflections

As we sit back and think about our 39 years in the registered Red Angus business, we can honestly say we have enjoyed every bit of it. We started from scratch and have built a very respectable herd. We purchase and raise cattle that fit our definition of honest cattle. The "do-ability" of the cattle is phenomenal. We don't chase fads and believe our cattle can go anywhere and work in any herd. The maternal aspect is very important to us. If you don't have the factory, then the product comes into question. A strong AI and ET program allow us to enhance our program with some of the very best genetics available.

Repeat buyers speak volumes for our cattle. It tells us that we must be doing something right and that the cattle do work. We host our annual spring fling production sale the 4th Saturday of March at the ranch.

Where do we go from here? We think everyone is always looking for that perfect bull or female and even though you may think you have it, there is always the thought that we can do better!!!

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