First Five Red Angus Cows

Red Angus Ranch Beginnings

In 1978, the city boy (Ron Fischer) and the country gal (Esther Debuf) tied the knot. The dowry from this union was a little herd of 10 commercial cows. Now the city guy fell in love with these gentle creatures and in 1980 he traded a wicker high chair for his first Red Angus calf and we were hooked. 1988 found us purchasing our first 5 registered Red Angus from the Boot Jack Ranch. Esther's dad really thought we had bumped our heads and couldn't believe we wanted to get into ranching. It expanded to a full time job and it seemed every year we were adding a cow or two to the herd. In 1992 we ventured forth and put our first consignment into the NILE. It was a big year for us, as we also initiated an AI program.

As of January 2024 we are currently running 80 1A cows. These cows are not pampered and run on native grassland. We expect them to perform in the sometimes harsh Montana environment. We select the cows for temperament, growth and performance. We market our calves at our annual spring fling production sale held the 4th Saturday of March. We also market breed females in the fall via private treaty. Our goal is to provide a quality product that will work in any environment and to afford the highest customer service. We believe this speaks volumes for our program as we have many return customers.

We love our Red Angus cattle with their gentle dispositions and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing Montana weather. Come see for yourself!

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